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Strong floor at TU Berlin


Since February 2004 the TU-Berlin campus of civil engineering located in Wedding is equipped with a strong floor for testing and research purposes. The initial capacity of the hydraulic jack of the strong floor was 2,5 MN. In the year 2007 an additional hydraulic jack with capacity 1 MN was provided.  Through this brief information, we wish to address those who might be interested to investigate structural elements or those who require to plan or examine new projects. For this purpose our facilities and our personnel are available for collaboration. 
Full-scale Saddletest for Fa. VSL (Schweiz) AG

Strong floor

Our strong floor is one of the largest in Europe of its kind. It has a grid of 1 m x 1 m and dimensions of 12m x 25m. It consists of a 1 m thick concrete slab which constitutes the top side of a box  section.  As such the strong floor is considered to be adequately stiff and has a high loading capacity.

Test frame

The frame structure and the supports are built as a bolted steel structure with pre-stressed high strength connections. The steel frame structure can carry a maximum load of 4000 kN (2000 kN for each half of the portal frame).  The maximum horizontal load is equal to 200 kN for each half of the portal frame up to 5 m above the floor level.  The maximum spacing between the portal frame halves is equal to 7 m and the clear height of the portal frame ranges from 1485 mm to 5985 mm with a grid adjustment of 100 mm. 

Hydraulic jacks


Two hydraulic jacks of type “LAH” from the company ”Zwick”, are available with capacities of 2500 kN and 1000 kN with maximum strokes of 400 mm and 250 mm respectively. The hydraulic jacks are supplied with a powerful hydraulic system which is controlled by a PC-controller “HYDROWIN 9640-E”.  Accordingly, high flexibility in carrying out static and dynamic load tests is achieved.

The load test rig at the TU-Berlin offers always in addition to the use of the available test facilities, the possibility to establish all kind of test arrangements and to conduct tests and investigations within the specified loading capacity.

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