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Dynamics Laboratory

The dynamics laboratory is engaged in, among other things, the following topics:

• System identification methods based on blind source separation technique

• Pedestrian induced vibrations in footbridges, floor and stairs

• Active and passive vibration control (Schlaich, Bleicher (2011)) and damping of structures

• Aspects of serviceability and comfort

• Inverse Engineering

• Lateral vibrations of railway bridges

• Vibration measurements

In the Peter-Behrens-hall of the Institute of Civil Engineering represents an about 13m long stress ribbon bridge for research and teaching. Due to its low weight, this bridge reacts noticeably with pedestrian induced vibrations. It is an excellent test bed to investigate pedestrian induced vibrations in lightweight constructions. Furthermore, an active vibration control system was realized at this Stress Ribbon bridge by Bleicher (Schlaich, Bleicher, Schauer (2011)). There pneumatic artificial muscles are specifically controlled, in order to reduce and to control the vibration in the footbridge.

The students can get knowledge and experience from the research activities in the teaching module “Entwerfen für dynamische Einwirkungen”. Furthermore, the students will be guided through an internship for vibration measurements on the stress ribbon bridge. The necessary tools will be taught in order to take into account the issue of structural vibration in the design phase of a structure.

Project Staff

Project Leader

  • Dr.-Ing. Arndt Goldack

Research Assistant

  • Xiaohan Liu, M.Sc.


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