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Research Assignments

The Chair of Conceptual & Structual Design offers our industry partners the opportunity of collaborations and in recent years, large scale projects have been conducted with several leading  firms in the industry.

Full-scale Saddletest of a 6-55 Sattel from SSI-Systems for Fa. VSL (Switzerland)


In this undertaking the fatigue strength of a turn-around saddle for pre-stressed cables was successfully tested. The saddle developed by VSL required for a general allowance of proof of fatigue strength in accordance with the requirements of fib recommendations (bulletin nĀ° 30 from Januar 2005).

The saddle with 55-strands was tested under a dynamic load of 2-million cycles with upper limit equal to 45% of the ultimate tensile load. Conduction of this test had some very special requirements. An experiment of this scale was not possible to be carried out anywhere in the world for a very long time. For this reason TU Berlin developed a special setup, on which the saddle could be tested.

After the end of the fatigue strength test a tensile test with 95% of GUTS was carried out, which satisfied the fib-Requirements.

Full-scale Saddletest of a 6-37 Sattel from SSI-Systems for Fa. VSL (Switzerland)

Gesammtansicht Versuchsaufbau Sattelversuch VSL

In this undertaking the fatigue strength of a 6-37 turn-around saddle with SSI-Systems was investigated. The saddle made by VSL was loadedĀ  2 million times corresponding to the requirement, with stress corresponding to 60% of the guarantied strain at fracture. After the fatigue test a tension test with 95% of the ultimate strain (GUTS) was carried out. This test was also concluded successfully.

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