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Slab Testing Machine of TU Berlin

Since 2003 the historical Peter-Behrens-hall serves as an experimental hall at the former AEG turbine hall. It is located at the TU-Berlin campus of civil engineering in Berlin-Wedding.  In this experimental hall there is a slab testing machine available for use for the department of conceptual and structural design.

Portal load frames


The mechanical structure of the slab testing machine was finalized by the company “FORM+TEST Seidner & Co. GmbH” The machine consists of two portal frames with cross heads. The level of the portal frames and their cross heads can be electrically adjusted. The clear width of the portal frame is equal to 2.98 m. The distance between the portal frames is variable and can be adjusted in the range of 10 mm to 4500 mm. Each cross head is provided with two hydraulic jacks. There are also adjustable two hinged supports on rails with a width of 2.8 m and a height of 58 cm. The distance between the hinged supports is variable and can be adjusted in the range of 500 mm and 5000 mm. The maximum testing height is equal to 3.0 m.

Hydraulic system and hydraulic jacks


The hydraulic system and the hydraulic jacks were fabricated by “Walter & Bai, Materialprüfmaschinen, in CH 8224 Löhningen”.  The pump unit PA 1100 has a maximum pump pressure of 260 bar and supplies four double-acting servo-controlled hydraulic jacks of the type 20D 090 200. The static load capacity of each hydraulic jack is equal to 140 kN with a stroke of 200 mm. The dynamic load capacity is equal to 100 kN.

Control unit


The control unit “HYDROWIN 9640 E” by “Zwick GmbH & Co. KG in Ulm” runs by the Pc-Program “Workshop 96”.  All hydraulic jacks may be controlled either individually or synchronously.

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